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CoverA Prayer for Peace [level: Medium]
Paula Foley Tillen: Bio and other works | Sharon Hansen Choral Series
voicing: SSAA | catalog number: SBMP 948 | duration: 5:50 | price: $2.05
accompaniment: piano

The text, by Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh, was written as a peace chant in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Composer Foley has created a hauntingly beautiful setting that unfolds dramatically, ending with a whisper of hope. Mostly SA, SSA, and briefly, SSAA.

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In beauty, sitting on a lotus flower,
Lord Buddha, quiet and solid.
Your humble disciple,
calm and pure of heart,
forms a lotus flower with the hands,
and offers this heartfelt prayer:
Homage to all Buddhas in the ten directions.
Because of your love for all people,
have compassion on us.
Help us to remember we are just one family.
North and South.
Help us rekindle our compassion and brotherhood,
May your compassion help us overcome our hatred.
Humbly, we open our hearts to you,
water the flowers of our spirits.
With your deep understanding,
help our hearts grow light.
Because of your love for all people,
please have compassion on us.
May the merit of this prayer
be transformed into peace.
May each of us realize this,
our deep aspiration.

by Thich Nhat Nanh

Milwaukee Choral Artists, Sharon A. Hansen, conductor [© all rights reserved]

Milwaukee Choral Artists - Sharon Hansen, conductor
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