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CoverWhere Dwells the Soul of My Love [level: Medium]
David N. Childs: Bio and other works
voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 463 | duration: 4:00 | price: $2.05
accompaniment: piano, oboe or flute
INSTRUMENT PART: Flute or Oboe part FREE Download

Composed as a commission for a junior high honor choir, this elegant piece is appropriate for any age group with its beautiful melodies, expressive accompaniment, and poignant text.

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(only section 1 is used in the piece)
What precious thing are you making fast
In all these silken lines?
And where and to whom will it go at last?
Such subtle knots and twines!

I am tying up all my love in this,
With all its hopes and fears,
With all its anguish and all its bliss
And its hours as heavy as years.

I am going to send it afar, afar,
To I know not where above;
To that sphere beyond the highest star
Where dwells the soul of my Love.

But in vain, in vain, would I make it fast
With countless subtle twines;
For ever its fire breaks out at last,
And shrivels all the lines.

by James Thomson

International Show Choir, St. Mary’s International School, Tokyo, Japan, Randy Stenson, conductor [© all rights reserved]
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2013 | CSU Choral Workshop July 9-12
2013 | Vandercook College Of Music Summer MECA
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