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Permissions and Licenses - Performances
SBMP is a member of ASCAP which serves as our non-exclusive agent for issuing performance licenses and collecting fees for performances of our music.

Mechanical, Synchronization & Digital Licensing
Mechanical License: authorizes the manufacture and distribution of records, compact discs and cassette tapes for a specific copyrighted musical composition.
Synchronization License: needed for a song to be reproduced onto a DVD, video, television or film
Digital License: digital downloads, limited downloads, interactive streaming, YouTube, and ringtones.

Harry Fox handles our mechanical, digital licensing in the United States.
The Harry Fox Agency, Inc
711 Third Ave - New York, NY 10017
(212) 370-5330
(646) 487-6779 (fax)
The Harry Fox Agency

Church Resources
CCLI provides an annual license called the Church Copyright License to churches on behalf of CCLI's affiliated publishers. Although there are certain restrictions, the license permits churches to print songs, create overhead transparencies or slides, and record worship services by audio or video means. For more information about CCLI, please visit them at or you can call them at 1-800-234-2446. offers permissions to reprint and use music in congregational worship aids.

SBMP Direct Licensing
Download a mechanical license or synchronization request directly from SBMP.COM

A minimum quantity of 100 copies is required on all CD/Tapes and 50 copies on DVD/Videos.


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD LICENSE: prepaid licenses available for 100 or more downloads.
Request contract from:

PRINT LICENSE: Whenever you print the sheet music, notes or lyrics of a song that someone else wrote, you need a Print License. Common uses of Print Licenses include printing lyrics in album liner notes and creating new arrangements of existing compositions. Contact: to make your request.