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Cover A Universal Dream [level: Difficult]
Jenni Brandon
voicing: SSAA | catalog number: SBMP 1058 | duration: 4:45 | price: $2.35
accompaniment: piano, djembe
The text expresses the universal message of liberty and freedom. A unique piece for women, it is both theatric and ethnic in its style, with a rhythmic djembe drum and a text that includes various translations of the word “liberty.” To properly realize its dramatic impact, it is recommended for the large choir.

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Cover As I Walk with Beauty [level: Easy]
Bob Moore
voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1061 | duration: 4:00 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: piano
The uplifting text, adapted from a Navajo prayer, is set to a simple but beautiful melody with all voices getting a turn to sing it. The three part harmony sections are artfully crafted with excellent voice leading making this a superb piece to sing. The piano offers a fine accompaniment that is both supportive and interesting.

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Cover Bright Morning Stars [level: Medium]
arr. Shawn Kirchner
voicing: SSAA | catalog number: SBMP 1077 | duration: 5:00 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: piano
This artful arrangement of a great Appalachian folk melody will be loved by both singers and audiences. A superb piano accompaniment adds greatly to the texture that grows and builds as the song progresses and ultimately returns to the unadorned beauty of the opening solo.

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Cover From My Heart Springs a Song [level: Medium]
Mona Reese
voicing: SSA/SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1060 | duration: 2:30 | price: $2.25
accompaniment: a cappella
A joyful piece for women, the two equal choirs at times have canonic imitation, other times sing as one. A song of praise to God, it concludes with an alleluia section that builds to a glorious ending.

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Cover Hope Is the Thing with Feathers [level: Medium]
Susan LaBarr
voicing: SA | catalog number: SBMP 1071 | duration: 3:50 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: piano
Treble choirs will delight in this beautiful setting of the favorite Emily Dickinson text. An elegant, dramatic piano accompaniment adds great color and support to the expertly crafted melodic lines of the singers. Also available for SATB

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Cover Stars I Shall Find [level: Medium]
Seth Houston | Donald Brinegar Choral Series
voicing: SA or TB | catalog number: SBMP 1065 | duration: 4:30 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: piano
Poet Sara Teasdale dreams of special stars, a “crystal of peace.” The music is marked by compelling melodies, sensitive counterpoint, a luscious harmonic language, and an evocative piano accompaniment. Singers will love to sing this as each part is special.

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Cover The Pure, The Bright, The Beautiful [level: Medium]
Frank J. La Rocca
voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1070 | duration: 5:40 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: piano
The text, with its recipe for living a good life, is treated to a beautiful melody, often shared among the three voice parts. The composer has created a tasteful, precious setting — all ages of treble choirs can take delight in this piece.

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Cover Zing Uh Boo Day [level: Medium]
Allen Koepke
voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1069 | duration: 3:30 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: piano
Liven up the action for your choir with this zinger of a piece. Composer/poet Koepke has created a strictly for fun bit of nonsense, providing us with a meaning-of-life spoof. A few nonsense syllables form the “profound” refrain as they answer life’s difficult questions. Rhythmic drive, high energy, three parts all the way, an upbeat piano adds to the mix. Singers will love to “zing” out on this one.

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