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Cover A Miner’s Life [level: Medium]
Seth Houston | Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series
voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 1086 | duration: 4:40 | price: $2.35
accompaniment: piano, Doumbek; opt. flute, violin, bass
The rousing pentatonic tune of this Irish folksong comes to dramatic life in this stunning arrangement, the text telling of the rigors of the daily lives of the hard-working miners. Perform this with piano and Doumbek, or add some or all of the optional instruments for a full-fledged Irish reel.

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Cover As I Walk with Beauty [level: Medium]
Bob Moore
voicing: SSA | catalog number: SBMP 1061 | duration: 4:00 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: piano
The uplifting text, adapted from a Navajo prayer, is set to a simple but beautiful melody with all voices getting a turn to sing it. The three part harmony sections are artfully crafted with excellent voice leading making this a superb piece to sing. The piano offers a fine accompaniment that is both supportive and interesting.

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Cover Pear Tree, The [level: Medium]
Sheena Phillips
voicing: TBB | catalog number: SBMP 1067 | duration: 2:40 | price: $1.95
accompaniment: a cappella
A rollicking, fun Scottish song telling of a bit of failed moonlight romance under a pear tree thanks to two young lads up in the tree armed with a supply of pears. The text is flavored with a bit of authentic Scottish pronunciation and some nonsense syllables, the latter leading up to the moral of the story: “Don’t go courtin’ under a pear tree.”

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Cover Prayer of Black Elk [level: Medium]
Karen P. Thomas | Giselle Wyers Choral Series
voicing: SATB | catalog number: SBMP 1085 | duration: 4:20 | price: $2.25
accompaniment: piano
“Hear me, four quarters of the world. A relative I am!” This profound statement of the prayer of Sioux Indian Black Elk dramatically begins this piece. Upbeat in tempo, with a spirited piano accompaniment and great harmonic color, this is a welcome addition to repertoire related to peace or humanity.

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